Thursday, February 25, 2010


my illo this week for illustration friday was inspired by my newest obsession...succulents! they are just so cute for a plant. they look like they could get up and walk i thought what would a succulent animal look like? of course: chubby squishy and succulent!!! ::muahs:: so heres my little illo for this week staring my succulent babies!!! and ive included some pics of my real life succulent babies!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I finally got the Washable Baby Doll

This is a fun box I did last year for Lakeshore Learning Materials. They wanted the box to be designed like a crib, other than that i was able to do what i wanted. it was a fun product to work on. I also designed the Feels Real Baby Doll box and the diaper on that doll...i still need to get that one. ©Lakeshore

Thursday, February 4, 2010

animal drippings and illofriday

here are some little pieces i have been working on. these were a fun change from the regular stuff i do. i nice break from watercolor paper. i did these on illustration board. the animals are sort of random. i enjoy drawing animals that dont get all the attention. the slow loris is for illustration friday: focused. i felt the word fit her. they are sort of slow steady and focused. if you have never seen one they are absolutely charming. .the fish below is a red arowana for chinese new year. a very lucky and illegal fish in the united states. hope you enjoy!