Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Website

hey loves! i've made some improvements on my website! im still trying to figure out how to do stuff on dreamweaver. so if anyone has any suggestions please send them my way. i would still like to adjust things here and there... here it is


Lauren Gallegos said...

The website looks great!! One suggestion...there's a link to your book on your contact page. I was told it's good to have any link that "leaves" your site open in a separate window/tab so the person doesn't ever actually leave your site when they click on outside links. (hopefully that makes sense) Same thing for when you click on your blog.

Also, a question! I used dreamweaver to do my did you make your portfolio set up? I would maybe like to use something like that. Did you get the code from the internet? or do it all yourself??

It looks great though!! Very professional! :)

Annie said...

Looks great Jamie!

I'm trying to get mine rolling too. Did you research online or did you get a book to help?

chris.k said...

Clean navigation and charming selections for the portfolio!
I'm not an expert in SEO, but was wondering about the words in the 'about me'-- I think having it as a text rather than an image might raise hits on search engines and such~
Looks great overall :)